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Top 11 Interesting “Veterans Day Facts” & Trivia with Video

Veterans Day Facts & Trivia – Veterans Day is always observed on November 11th all across the United States of America. Being a federal holiday of the US, the greatest event of Veterans Day is celebrated with huge respect, happiness, and acknowledgement throughout the country. The day which honors the selfless services of the military veterans who made sacrifices and gave their valuable lives in order to preserve the pride and glory of their great nation. The auspicious festivity of Veterans Day is commemorated with speeches and national parades across the United States.

Let’s see some exciting facts and trivia about Veterans Day!

Veterans Day Facts

Veterans Day Facts

11 Interesting “Veterans Day Facts

Veterans Day, the US national holiday salutes all those bravest soldiers who have served in the armed force of the America. To know more about this peaceful day, have a look at some amazing Facts about Veterans Day below. Given here are 11 Interesting Veterans Day Facts which will allow you to understand the real essence and major importance of this grateful holiday.

Veterans Day celebrated on the same day as Remembrance Day and Armistice Day in other countries of the world.

Veterans Day Facts

Veterans Day Facts

  1. It also marks the first anniversary of the end of the World War I which formally finished at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
  2. It originally called as Armistice Day that celebrated to the honor of martyr veterans of the America.
  3. People are often confused between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. However, Memorial Day honors all those who died while serving in the military unit and Veterans Day honors all those who have served in the US military, both alive and deceased.
  4. In 1982, Raymond Weeks, a World War II veteran from Alabama was given the Presidential Citizenship Medal from Ronald Reagan. He led the celebration from the year 1947 until 1985 when he died.
  5. Veterans Day was moved to fourth Monday in October month in 1971, then it went back to being November 11 in 1978.
  6. The National Veterans Award was created in Alabama in 1954.
  7. Veterans Day which annually commemorated on November 11th is both a state and a federal holiday in the USA.
  8. Every year, on this day there is a ceremony organized in Arlington Cemetery to pay homage to all who died in the war.
  9. As per the reports, there are 24 million (approx.) veterans living today.
  10. There were nearly 400,000 members of the US military killed during World War II.
Veterans Day

Veterans Day

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Veterans Day Trivia

The primary purpose of Veterans Day is to praise and esteem Veterans all year round for all that they have done for your beloved country. Now the blissful feast of Veterans Day is finally upon us where the entire nation of the United States celebrate the day with BBQ, parties, parades and more. But before you start celebrating the day, check out how much you truly know about this biggest holiday and its history by exploring these Veterans Day Trivia questions & answers which we have uploaded here.

Veterans Day Trivia

Veterans Day Trivia

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Veterans Day Facts Video

The incredible event of Veterans Day is an extra special time of the year to reflect and give thanks to all those courageous men and women who served US nation during the wartime. With 11th of November, 2017 around the corner, and hence in honor of America’s hero, we have put together a list of Veterans Day Facts Video that is perfect way for students, preschoolers, adults, and youth to learn about this significant holiday of the USA and also celebrating veterans for their services.

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